About Us

We offer enterprise class business support delivered through our managed services and support plans to small to medium businesses in and around the Grantham area.

By delivering best of breed technologies to our customers we ensure the features and solutions that are only normally available to large enterprises are available to small businesses. Solutions such as next generation firewalls to protect your network, virtualised environments that allow rapid disaster recovery and hardware resiliency, email filtering and relay platforms to ensure you always have great connectivity.

We work with many vendors and have partnerships with manufacturers, distributors and service providers to ensure we always have a rich portfolio of solutions to deliver, a small list logos of vendors we already work with can be found on this page. We do however operate a much broader coverage of solutions utilising systems and hardware from manufacturers such as Lenovo, Asus & SuperMicro.


We pride ourselves in offering solutions that fit a businesses needs, not just delivering an enterprise solution that costs the Earth! Whilst we anticipate your company’s growth in our solutions we understand that a business needs to ensure their decisions remain cost effective, and this is most certainly the case in IT solutions.

Why not give us a call on 01476 500150?

or if you’re a bit pressed for time email us at support@esben.co.uk