Copper & Fibre Infrastructure

We offer first fit services through to retro fitting infrastructure and reviewing and planning upgrades.

For our copper solutions we only use high grade Cat5e or Cat6 cable unlike some companies that seem to use CCA (copper clad/coated aluminium). It is essential that the right cable is used as links may fail Fluke testing unless proper installation techniques are adhered to. Poor quality components often lead to failed links and twice as much work to replace them. All of our network consultation is free as we feel it essential to see what we are dealing with before proposing a solution.

Fibre solutions are typically aimed at backbone links where lengths extend past the permissible 100m link length of copper cable. If your installation does require fibre we have the partnerships in place with companies that can directly provide the fibre products. Whether a pre-terminated fibre cable is needed or a fully armoured underground cable we have the ability to design, supply and install a fibre solution.