Meet the Team


Name: Anthony Godber (Founder of Esben)
Position: Director/Technical Consultant
Specialises In: Enterprise Security,  Raspberry Pi & Arduino Development, Virtualised Environments

About Me: In essence a self-confessed geek, I thoroughly enjoy online gaming and spending time with family and friends. I have a passion for technology and finding new quirky ways of completing a task, over the years I have developed some very niche solutions using products that other engineers would not have necessarily brought into scope.


Name: Richard Horsfall
Position: Director/Technical Consultant, BDM & Finance
Specializes In: Workstation & Server Support, IT Consultation, Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider

About Me: I form a ‘front of house’ role as well as financial and management roles in the business, an advocate of clear, direct solutions that are designed correctly and delivered to our customer base in the correct manor. Additionally I have interests in motorsport, having previously worked on data & telemetry for a motorsport team which has led to the creation of our own motorsport team and vehicle remapping arm of the business.


Name: Sarunas Misevicius
Position: Senior Engineer, Head of Purchasing
Specialises In: Web Technologies, Desktop Support, Logistics & Procurement

About Me: I work in a very structured way to ensure the meticulous delivery of our solutions. I am frequently brought in at solution consultation level and have acted as principle architect on many of our high profile projects. I ensure that categorically all customer installations are completed to a standard that exceeds industry requirements. In my spare love to snowboard and have been in love with electronic music for many years and have been DJ’ing and following most underground branches of dance music.

Brett's website photo

Name: Brett Degnan
Position: Support Engineer
Specialises In: Desktop/Server Support, Microsoft Technologies, Secure Web Services

About Me: Having joined Esben in June 2015 with a view of providing Tier 1 support I have extended that role to include Tier 2 & 3. Predominantly working directly with the customer on live projects I have provided critical and core support to our own teams and our customers to ensure projects get across the line.

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Name: Ashley Roberts
Position: Support Engineer
Specialises In: Wireless Broadband Technologies, Desktop/Server Support

About Me: I joined Esben January 2017 and have gone from strength to strength, I am responsible for the operation and support of our wireless broadband networks. that stretch from Market Harborough to Newark-on-Trent. In doing so I also fulfil our broadband front-of-house role and has developed excellent relationships with the customer base since joining the company. My role is now extending into full telecommunications as we extend our portfolio of services covering all aspects of communications and content delivery.

Name: Damion Graham
Position: Copper & Fibre Infrastructure Engineer
Specialises In: Structured Cabling, Infrastructure Design, Fibre Delivery

About Me:I joined Esben November 2018 with the role of taking on the companies infrastructure requirements. Specialising in first-fit installations and infrastructure remedial works, I also bring in house fibre termination and splicing skills to the table enhancing the telecommunications offering by providing our customers with a single point for all communications requirements.

Name: Ben Brown
Position: Support Technician
Specialises In: Desktop/Server Support

About Me:I joined Esben November 2019 to join the ever growing broadband team. With experience in Ubiquiti equipment and event management I assist in the operation and upgrade of our privately owned fixed wireless network as well as our many other wireless network clients.

Name: Your face here?
Position: IT Technician
Specialises In: Your Skills!

About Me: If you are looking for a career in IT support and have the skills, personality and drive to deliver. Then we want to hear from you! Our constantly growing business is always on the lookout for the right person to join the team. Please send your CV to