Microsoft Office 365

Office-365-smallCloud solutions are offering businesses a revolutionary change in how their IT is structured, allowing  administrators to shift their services from an on-premises solution to a cloud based solution realises benefits such as savings in on-site power consumption, mitigating the requirement for on-site disaster recovery, releasing internal resources and refining licence subscription models.

As a Microsoft Partner we are able to perform both a consultative and delegated administrative role for Microsoft’s Services, having performed countless migrations from on-premise solutions to Microsoft Cloud solutions we have in depth expertise with these solutions and offer assessment, planning and staged migrations across to these solutions keeping downtime and business disruption to an absolute minimum.

When we migrate a customer to Microsoft’s Cloud Solutions, you pay exactly the price that Microsoft advertise and we sign you up as a direct customer of Microsoft, during the sign up process and post-deployment we behave as your delegated administrator for the chosen Cloud Solution and provide support for this product.

Why engage with a Microsoft Office 365 Partner?

  • Assessment of your current IT infrastructure, points of improvement & preparation for migration.
  • Create a structured roadmap for improvement in your IT infrastructure going forwards.
  • Identify your business requirements and how Office 365 will fit in with your needs, identify further solutions that can enhance workflow.
  • Propose the most cost effective solution for the requirements, avoiding excessive licence cost.
  • Provide a proof of concept to road test the Office 365 solution before committing.

Why do I need partner support for Office 365?

  • You can contact us directly to resolve issues, no call centres, no international support, full on help from an established UK IT company.
  • Complete unbiased advice to deliver a solution that is right for your business.
  • We deal with escalation of issues allowing you freedom to work rather than chase support cases.