Secure Cloud Backup

Esben Secure Backup is not just any backup, our product has been carefully structured to be more than a cloud backup solution, so why should you have it? Well, we think it offers more than other cloud backup services because it comes with a business disaster recovery/continuity plan which most insurance companies demand, secure 256 bit encryption of data before it leaves your server and multi-tier resiliency. We don’t rent our storage arrays, we own them outright and maintain them so the buck stops with us keeping things simple when you need your data restoring

In addition to keeping your files safe and secure, the backup platform is intelligent and can also backup your exchange email server, even down to individual emails as well as databases, Sage & Quickbooks data, even network drives that are not even inside the server!

To make things even better, we start off by giving you 250GB of storage space for the £20.75 + VAT per month, if you need more? no problem, we already have thousands of gigabytes of space provisioned in our storage array so its no problem to give you more space, we have customers consuming approx. 5000GB of critical data in a single chunk. We have a 100mb connection straight into our backup platform so even on the quickest fibre optic broadband we have plenty of bandwidth left to accept your data.

Take a look at the overview below to get a feel for how our system works!