IT Support Contracts

We offer business level IT support for all sizes of businesses ranging from startups to enterprises, by offering the same level of expertise to all of our customer base we ensure that service levels are maintained. The support plans we offer can be taken on a contract basis or on an ad-hoc/pay-as-you-go basis.

Should you already have an existing IT team and are looking to complement that with a higher tier of support to bolster your existing staff, then we offer a higher level agreement that is heavily customised to your organisation so we can dovetail into your existing team promoting strength from the outset, please call us on 01476 500150 to discuss our enterprise offerings.

The following is just some of the features you can expect to receive;

  • 24/7 Server Monitoring
  • Comprehensive Patch Management
  • Secure Remote Support
  • Contract Priority Over Ad-Hoc Agreements
  • Over 25% Discount on Hourly Fees

Looking for advice on making your IT systems compliant for GDPR? Get in touch to ask about our GDPR offerings and guidance towards complying with the regulation. If you hold any privately identifiable information then you need to ensure it is safe and secure, this includes customer information, payroll & salary information along with many other elements.

Customers who already have an IT support contract with us can benefit from continued guidance at a discounted rate. In addition, all IT contract customers will received a data processing agreements before the regulation comes into effect on the 25th May and will require a digital signature.


Fully Managed Services (Hosted & On-Premise)

All the benefits of a comprehensive solution without the capex! Our Managed IT Services allow you to operate your business at maximum efficiency without the concerns of hardware warranty, downtime, server monitoring and upgrade costs as this is all absorbed and included in with the price of the Managed Service.

Hosted Solutions

Our hosted offerings allow customers who do not necessarily want to invest heavily in their server infrastructure, however require all the benefits of a solution. We operate a virtual infrastructure that permits high availability servers, granular multi-tier backup environments and mission critical uptime.

With connectivity solutions from the two largest providers in the UK, our Virgin Media and BT dedicated fibre optic circuits are paired together so we have carrier resiliency so your connection to our hosted platform is maintained.

  • Microsoft Remote Desktop
  • Private Cloud
  • IoT Backup Containers
  • Secure Cloud Backup
  • Website Hosting
  • Wireless Controllers

On-Premise Solutions

For customers who prefer the on-premise model or prefer to secure their data on their own premises, our selection of on-premise solutions meet requirements. By taking a selection of our hosted offerings and pairing them with a hardware inclusive managed plan, we are able to offer a full server infrastructure on a monthly rental model. No upfront costs, a full blown server & storage solution based on Microsoft Windows Server 2016 from £149 + VAT per month, fully maintained and warrantied for the duration of the rental period.

Alternatively the same solution can be provided under outright purchase model. Both purchase models carry a free of charge pre-sales consultation to ascertain your requirements and to make sure we understand your business as accurately as possible, email us now ( with your requirements and you could be fully operational on a brand new server within 7 days!

Firewall & Security

Through our partnership with Watchguard and AVG we are able to secure the perimeter of your network and the inside simultaneously. With network traffic inspected, controlled and restricted both in and out of the network the Watchguard Next Generation Firewalls provide more than just straight forward firewalling. The devices are capable of deep packet inspection, full anti-virus scanning on all data traversing the internet connection, realtime threat monitoring through the RED (read more here)

We only use Enterprise antivirus products and as such we use AVG Cloudcare as our preferred endpoint protection, the Cloudcare platform is a secure cloud service that all of the anti-virus agents relay back to, so we get complete overview of threats as they happened with combined logging so threats can be tracked and quarantined. It even identifies crypto-malware threats and can quarantine them down before they get hold of your data preventing downtime due to long backup/restore procedures.


We have been offering ECU remapping as a sideline to our main business for some years, an extension of our work in computer software and electronics has led us to this, to find out more please visit

Our maps are custom written to your car, we do not use generic maps ‘downloaded from the internet’ nor do we push the car too hard, every map is based on requirements, supporting modifications and condition of the car. To discuss this in more depth, please email our technicians at with your car details and what you want to achieve.

Prices start from £175 + VAT.


Through many development projects we have utilised the power and potential of the low-cost Arduino and Raspberry Pi platforms to develop bespoke unique solutions for many industry sectors.

Projects that we have been involved in range from industrial automation to wireless controllers and NFC stock control systems, please contact us at to see how we can improve your business with these incredible solutions.


As the result of extensive development using the Arduino and Raspberry Pi platforms we have developed a goods/stock control system that removes the requirement for barcoding, removes the element of human error and completely removes the need for stock takes!

By blending NFC technology with a solution that can be retro fitted to warehouses and racking Esben has revolutionised stock control, with benefits such as zero downtime for stock taking and instant stock reporting, what better way to uplift your warehouse logistics?