Welcome to Esben Business IT Solutions

We offer enterprise class business support delivered through our managed services and support plans to small to medium businesses in and around the Grantham area.

We specialise in delivering best of breed solutions to our customers from an enterprise class set of products to ensure the features that are only normally available to large enterprises are available to small businesses. Solutions such as next generation firewalls to protect your network, virtualised environments that allow rapid disaster recovery and hardware resilience, mail filtering and delivery platforms to ensure you always have great connectivity and much much more.

The majority of our customers subscribe to a monthly support plan, these plans start from £79.50 + VAT per month and can be expanded from there with ‘bolt-on’ features to suit the customers needs. For more information regarding our support plans or to book a free consultation please call either 01476 500150 or email support@esben.co.uk.

In addition to our support plans we also offer an ah-hoc service to business customers that do not necessarily require a support plan, so for customers who do not use/need a server and only have a couple of workstations then this service is more appropriate.